Sky Full of Bacon

Thanks for the plugs!

AND ANOTHER: Thanks, new MenuPages blogress Helen, too.

LATEST UPDATE: I just noticed this because I was on jury duty all day, followed by having a very large beer and watching TV duty, but Bill Daley linked to the new podcast at the Chi-Trib’s The Stew early this morning. Thanks, Bill!

Thank you, Gaper’s Block, for the double shout out for both the new podcast and the Maxim item.

UPDATE: And thanks to Mike Sula for revealing my diabolical plan as he links to both the new podcast below, and to my largest piece for the Reader ever, about a combination barbecue/soul food place I discovered while driving around one day. It’s called P&P BBQ Soul Food and it’s pretty darn good at both, not to mention interesting because of its owner— who’s blind. Read the whole thing here.

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