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7 Links of Terror! Nude Farming Edition

1. Cookin’ Wit’ Tittle, a Chicago public access cooking show which is surely the most informative program about burnt toast you will ever see. From the way-personable hostess to the deck-of-an-aircraft-carrier cinematography to the ease with which she roots around up the business end of a turkey, this is simply perfection.

Cookin’ wit’ Tittle – Grilled Turkey from La Donna Tittle on Vimeo.

2. Australian political blogger Tim Blair demonstrates how to make one of Australia’s greatest achievements this side of Stobie Poles and Crocodile Dundee 2: the carpet bag sandwich, “so bewitchingly complex in flavour that you would surrender a limb just to watch someone feed it to a common cat.”
3. The 20 most terrifying pictures of Ronald McDonald ever, although…
4. …not as terrifying as the idea of Chicago Gluttons taking on the new Angus Deluxe (“Suggested pairing: I recommend enjoying this abomination with a fine single malt scotch. The oak flavor accentuates the 39 grams of fat and really helps you taste the 1700mg of sodium.”)
5. Seattle’s Rebekah Denn tries the Alinea cookbook on some learned friends. An art critic: “I call it meticulous high style for the moneyed classes, for the moneyed classes who want to feel bad, because they do not have what it takes to do justice to this oyster. They don’t. They’d probably find all that foam faintly repellent, reminding them of spit, and then they’re self-conscious, right?”
6. A touching remembrance of the grandmother who gave the very artistic Chicago food blog Lottie + Doof its name, complete with homemade graham cracker recipe.
7. Nudist farm workers in Wisconsin, at Minneapolis’ Heavy Table blog.

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