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7 Links of Terror: Snort of Malort Edition

1. Malort, a bitter, generally unrewarding liqueur with a local cult (and no presence anywhere else), is discussed in loving detail in a Mike Sula Reader piece complete with Malort cocktail recipes and a blog sidebar. It’s a fun story, if the drink is ultimately less interesting (yes, I’ve tried it) than the story around it.
2. This seems the natural followup to the above:

3. Extremely evocative report on Negril, Jamaica, full of mouthwatering images, posted at LTHForum (and a few other places).
4. Malaysian food is one of those things we just don’t get here. This is a nice blog of recipes and pretty pictures of it (I linked directly to the Malaysian page, but there are other pages for other Asian cuisines).
5. Proof there’s a blog about everything: a blog about trying to cultivate truffles in New Zealand.
6. Screw Ace of Cakes and all those shows about artfully constructed mountains of fondant, here’s a cool video about the making of a traditional Sicilian cassata, which looks both impressive and tasty.
7. Gotta include one April Fool’s joke, no?

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