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Nance Klehm’s Seed Exchange

Just got this from Nance Klehm, star of my foraging podcast:

swap seeds and enjoy a bowl of organic vegan posole! (BYOB)

2446 south sawyer avenue (little village, chicago)
sunday, feb 15th 3-7pm

3-5pm SWAP n’ STORE
please bring seeds that are healthy, viable, open-pollinated, and true to variety. if you have no seeds come anyway and learn about sowing, growing and saving seeds!

we will cover seed starting techniques, timing of sowing, issues of cross-pollination, seed collection and storage of seeds.

a seed’s potential is only released through the cycle of sowing and saving. to keep future generations of heirloom and wild seed in the hands of the public we need to plant them and pass them on.

The SEED ARCHIVE is housed in chicago. it is a public archive of healthy seeds collected from many places and people. seed is loaned for free to those who are commited to growing them, enjoying them and returning some of the next generation of seed back to store at the seed archive.

Questions: [email protected]

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