Sky Full of Bacon

SCOOP! Truth about Obama’s Foodieism! Exclusive! Must Credit Sky Full of Bacon!

So I found a source within the Obama campaign— I know this sounds like more tongue in cheek, but this is on the level— and mentioned that my Obama-foodie post had turned up at the HuffPo.  Here’s what my source (let’s call them “Deep Dish”) said:

“He’s so not a foodie. All he eats is salmon. He’s a boring eater, he’s so disciplined. That’s why he stayed so trim while David [Axelrod] gained [number of pounds redacted] during the campaign.”

So there we have it. Not a foodie, an Omega-3-powered salmon eating health fanatic. Foodies, just another group who projected their hopes onto Obama….

“Who’s ready for a hot dog?  Mister President?  Madame Secretary?”

UPDATE: Michelle Obama goes to Blackbird! And a reader of these posts who apparently has an office overlooking it snaps some very paparazzi photos. And look what I won at the LTHForum Christmas party raffle…

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