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7 Links of Terror: Cookies of the Dead Edition

1. The second series of my friend David Hammond’s wonderful SoundBites, about the use of sound in cooking, is complete. Unfortunately, WBEZ seems to have lost the page that listed them all, but start here; I especially like the first two, one in the predictably futuristic sound environment of Moto, the other in which Mark Mendez (of Sky Full of Bacon #15) explains how you can tell where a chef is in his life by looking at his menu. (Check out his new gig as the Sun-Times’ Food Detective, too.)
2. I’ve linked Hugh Amano’s Food on the Dole before, and it’s in my blogroll, but it’s worth doing so again for this tribute to line cooks.
3. Emily Nunn has a sweet piece about baking bread for her stepdaughter before she goes away for two weeks. (The stepdaughter, incidentally, is a classmate of my son’s. It took both of us an embarrassingly long time to realize the connection.)
4. Tuscan Foodie announces his intention to rediscover the lost world of the Beefsteak, which was an event, not just a food.
5. I met the couple who do Driftless Appetite, a Wisconsin blog, on my cheese tour, and linked to their posts about that. But I really liked this post about a smoked fish shop near the Mississippi, and can’t wait to check it out sometime.
6. Even better than Halloween cookies, it’s Dio de los Muertos cookies, with cool black and white photos.
7. I wish the image was better, and the sound may or may not work, but this is still really cool: Slow Motion Japanese Food Fight.

Japanese Slow Motion Food Fight – Watch more Funny Videos

Oh, and by the way, here’s me on You Me Them Everybody. He’s a really quick mind, I recommend being on the show just as media training if nothing else. I’m lucky I didn’t say “Heck of a job” like Obama did to Jon Stewart, and there are places where I just stall in mid-air, but parts of it are really funny. I think.

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