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Mike G’s Rules For Better Dining

Mike G’s Rules for Better Dining from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

Like many food explorers, I have certain rules or guidelines that I use to help steer toward the good stuff and avoid the lame. One or two of them have attained some currency on LTHForum, such as Mike G’s Rule (“If there’s a reason to eat somewhere besides the food, the food’s no good,” an iron law which is as true of corn dogs at amusement parks as it is of fine dining restaurants with spectacular views). After seeing Michael Pollan’s rules for solving the omnivore’s dilemma, I decided to borrow his format and offer up my own rules. They’re unlikely to save the planet, but they may save your lunch. It runs 1:43, enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Mike G’s Rules For Better Dining”

  1. David Hammond Says:

    Terrific. Glad you codified the rules and presented them in this readily digestible format.

  2. Michael Morowitz Says:

    Great rules. But I think you should replace Hooters with Rainforest Cafe.

    Hooters does not apply. There’s really no reason to go there (the women are as covered up as they are at plenty of other restaurants) and the wings are actually pretty good.

  3. Dan Schleifer Says:

    Great slideshow!

    I’d expand the “don’t order the odd thing on an unconventional menu” to not ordering the out of place item on any menu. I took a date to Habana Libre once and grimaced when she ordered the fajitas. Surprise, surprise – they weren’t good. She ended up thinking it was a so-so restaurant and I ended up thinking she was a so-so date.

  4. Matt Lux Says:

    What was that last food pictured? I couldn’t read the name on the cup.

  5. Michael Gebert Says:

    Arthur Bryant’s, the famous barbecue joint in Kansas City.

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  8. George Gale Says:

    Mike—great rules! I’d maybe agitate a bit for the Calvin Trillin Addendum: “Never Eat at a Place That Rotates.”


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