Sky Full of Bacon

Thank y’all for the Texas barbecue plugs…

Here’s a quick link to the newest podcast, and there are a couple of good comments too worth reading.

Thanks for links to Andrew at Gaper’s Block, Chuck at Chicagoist, and Bill Daley at the TribStew whose story on Taylor is also linked in the original thread. When I was at Taylor Cafe, Vencil Mares was talking about all the different places his customers come from (you get a little of that during the end credits) and he asked me again where I was from. I said Chicago, and he said, “You know that othah fellah from Chicago who came down here, wrote an article?” I looked and saw it was Bill’s piece on the wall; I’ve never met Bill in person but had a little back and forth with him on LTHForum, and so when Mr. Mares asked me that if I knew him, I thought, well, sorta yes and sorta no, in a 2008 Internet kind of way that’s not going to be easy to explain to an 84-year-old D-Day veteran in a small town in Texas….

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