Sky Full of Bacon


Many links to thank people for.

Andrew Huff at Gaper’s Block has linked me twice lately. Much appreciated.

I made the HuffPoChicago’s blogroll. Thanks, somebody (and thanks Riddlemay for noticing it and posting it on LTHForum).

Steve Dolinsky tried out P&P yesterday and said nice things about my Reader piece but alas, wasn’t too happy with what he had. Well, like me the other day he ordered the spare ribs, it sounded good to me too but you gotta stick to the rib tips. I haven’t tried the jerk chicken but it sounds like maybe he just hit it at the wrong time. Oh well. Soul and barbecue places seem pretty variable, and P&P has some misses (I went there for breakfast with the kids the day I interviewed the owner, and it was tolerable but nothing to write about, which is why I didn’t), but I’ve been happier than not with what I’ve had— including the yams and the peach cobbler. (On the other hand, the Hungry Hound was pretty happy with Yats, the place the Hungry Mag loathed with every fiber of his being.)

Finally, I haven’t mentioned the launch of The Local Beet, Michael Morowitz’s and Rob (Vital Info) Gardner’s locavore site/blog/forum/webzine thing, but it’s clearly a good thing for those of us trying to eat in a way Michael Pollan would approve of, and though at first I felt like I had nothing much to add about eating local, sure enough I will have a piece in it on Monday as well. So watch for that.

And Liam will be 7 on Saturday.

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