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Sky Full of Bacon multimedia event: Making Illegal Cheese

Audio documentarian David Hammond started doing a piece on the growing (but commercially illegal) trend of raw milk cheese, for WBEZ’s Worldview. Then he invited me along to shoot the process— making this the first multimedia event in audio, video and camembert.

First, watch my 8-1/2 minute video about making cheese with amateur cheesemaker Coleen Graham. Then listen to Worldview on Monday, February 22 as David explores the issues involved in raw milk cheesemaking and reveals the results of a taste test to determine if cheese-eaters (including myself) can tell the difference. UPDATE: The radio piece is here.

Sky Full of Bacon Short: Making Illegal Cheese from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

Note: the question was raised in an earlier post why Coleen is referring to raw milk itself being illegal to sell in the state of Illinois when in fact it’s not. The reality is that it’s legal to sell if customers bring their own containers (so the farm is not a bottling operation) and transfers it to those containers themselves, and as long as the farm does not advertise the availability of raw milk to the public. (See here for more information.) My guess is that in casual conversation, Coleen regards these conditions as discouraging any practical form of commercial raw milk trade so completely that it is, in effect, illegal.


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