Sky Full of Bacon

Wine, Car Wax, Dolphin Juice, Old Tea and Pineapple Dum-Dums

Yes, you’re right, I haven’t posted lately. Needless to say there’s been lots to read at Grub Street Chicago, if you’re so inclined, and also a fair number of videos.

I did this interview piece with Grant Achatz about the Bocuse d’Or, featuring Richard Rosendale who’s the captain of the American team:

And of course, Key Ingredient continues on. Giuseppe Tentori picked Sarah Grueneberg of Spiaggia (and Top Chef), who got high on her ingredient, propolis (story here):

She picked a fellow chef from Tony Mantuano’s empire, Meg Colleran of Terzo Piano, who got a little known but actually practical ingredient, colatura, Italian fish sauce (story here):

She picked another Top Chef (the desserts version) veteran, Amanda Rockman of The Bristol and Balena, and gave her a kind of tea (story here):

And she picked another pastry chef, Toni Roberts of The Wit hotel’s restaurants, who got sheep’s milk (story here):

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