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I gave it away on LTHForum this weekend, so I might as well announce the subject of the next Sky Full of Bacon video podcast: pie, specifically as prepared by Paula Haney at her wildly popular Hoosier Mama pie shop. Paula and several of her bakers are interested in pie not just as a popular indulgence (see the cupcake craze) but as a food with deep historical roots in the midwest.  I’m pretty darn interested in that too (see this ancient and long-running LTHForum thread) so we’ve had some good discussions about, Why Pie?

If you haven’t been to Hoosier Mama, go there tomorrow (they’re closed Monday) and go have the oatmeal pie, a traditional pie they just added to the menu which is downright wonderful.

(So what was with my clue a week or so ago?  The old can of leaf lard is actually from Edzo’s, Eddie Lakin’s burger shop previously mentioned here, and I photographed it right after coming from Hoosier Mama and talking to Paula about leaf lard crusts.  She uses all-butter but is interested in trying leaf lard sometime, if she can find a reliable source— and customers who don’t freak out at the prospect; she has had people ask, clearly interested in trying pie with a leaf lard crust or, as I make it, about half and half with butter.)

The podcast will be ready sometime in November.  In the meantime, go have the pie now!

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