Sky Full of Bacon

Dept. of Nothing Happening

Argyle Street’s venerable Sun Wah will be the subject of the next Sky Full of Bacon, which I had planned to finish for when they reopen from vacation, which is tomorrow.

Instead, I’m on jury duty. So maybe by the weekend. I’d also planned on reading the rest of Michael Pollan’s book while sitting downtown earning my $17.20 for the day, and posting about that, but instead I got empaneled, as they say.

Meanwhile, I’m also working on one about foraging in the Chicago area. So if you happen to do any of that kind of thing, contact me (leave a comment or mikegebert circle-a gmail point first-syllable-in-Communism).

And I have an exciting restaurant discovery (well, for some of us anyway) which will be in the Reader in the issue after next– stay tuned for more….

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