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A nosegay in thanks

Assorted thanks re the most recent podcast, including the lovely Helen of Grub Street (formerly Menu Pages), who also linked my Pierogi Fest post, Chuck Sudo of Chicagoist whose guanciale will soon be tasted and reported on, podcast star Carl Galvan who tweeted it far and wide, assorted Local Beet-ians who posted and tweeted and then inspired this celebrity chef re-tweet, Art of Pleasant House for ranking me with good things to eat, Fruitslinger slinging some link jam, and Serious Eats for these kind words:

Fish is complicated. You can have this one, but not this, and eating that Chilean seabass, oh dear, that might give you awful karma forever. In this beginning of a two-part series on fish, the always enlightening podcast Sky Full of Bacon visits Supreme Lobster, one of the country’s largest fish distributors. SFOB producer-writer-editor Michael Gebert goes behind-the-scenes to understand how the company moves thousands of pounds of fresh fish a week. He talks to sales rep Carl Galvan, who’s so passionate about selling the good stuff, he keeps his chef clients updated on Twitter (@chicagofishdude).

So much of the seafood discussion is difficult for consumers to navigate but this 22-minute video offers a clear perspective on what happy seafood is out there.

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