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7 Links of Terror: Requiem For a Poulet

1. Just say the words over and over to yourself: foie gras jelly doughnut.
2. If you’re not reading Chicago restaurant publicist Ellen Malloy’s “RIA Unplugged” blog, you’re missing some of the best commentary on the food biz as a biz. Obviously she can’t name names (sometimes you can guess), but she gives frank insight about the good and bad of the chef side of the business and how it interacts with the media and the public (and makes her job easier… or not).
3. Wittier than Bruno, Remi Gaillard is a French prankster who does things like stage a one-man reenactment of Saving Private Ryan on a beach filled with holidaygoers; this one about a chicken is strangely moving:

this McDonald’s drive-through one is obvious but, hey, you’ve always wanted to do it.

4. Title says it all: the Homesick Texan blog explains How to Make Cowhead Barbacoa. (Thanks to Erik M.)
5. Stevez at LTHForum has a great account of his food adventures in the Carolinas, notably at the famous Allen & Son BBQ spot (“On the way out, this vision stopped me dead in my tracks. It was the wood all set up for the next morning when Keith would arrive around 4:15 to light it up to burn down to coals for the next day’s cook just as it’s been done for generations. I felt like I was looking at the altar of a holy shrine”).
6. How bad TV shows happen: the food stylist who does the Food Fanatics blog has a great audition… and then gets a callback.
7. Sustainable sushi is a site about exactly what it’s about, with a species guide and a blog. I particularly liked this post about a replacement for unagi (be sure to read this one too, about why rattlesnake didn’t make the cut).

BONUS OF TERROR: a couple of Terrors back, I mentioned that Chuck Sudo was making guanciale.  I was graciously gifted with a handsome chunk of it:

which I diced, fried up, and used in bucatini all’amatriciana last night.  It was a resounding hit with the family, full of rich Old World meat funkiness, yet delicate enough that it didn’t put the kids off.  Thanks Chuck!  And it just goes to show how easy cured meats can be, and why they should be in every home cook’s repertoire.

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