Sky Full of Bacon

Look What I Caught!

Okay, so I merely hoisted it out of a styrofoam cooler. Anyway, it’s a Carolina wreckfish, and you can catch it at Blackbird and other Chicago restaurants on its other natural habitat, the plate.

I may not have caught big scary fish, but I have caught a lot of cool footage during three visits to Supreme Lobster and an assortment of other fish-related interviews and adventures. I’ve still got a couple of interviews to reel in (fish puns inevitable here) so the next Sky Full of Bacon won’t be done till the end of this month. But all this fishy business is going to result in two podcasts on different aspects of the fish trade, with the next one to follow about a month later. And if you’re a chef, there will (probably) be a special event held by Supreme Lobster in conjunction with a premiere screening of the second one.  So watch for details about that.

In the meantime, thanks to Serious Eats for linking the La Quercia podcast, which boosted it by almost 300 views to 4th most viewed to date.

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