Sky Full of Bacon

Got a Great Interview Subject?

Pssst— I’m looking for sources.

Specifically, I’m looking for a Sky Full of Bacon-type subject or two to shoot in the next couple of months, while things are still green and growing.  Then I’ll have stuff to edit over the, well, less green months.  The many, many less green months in Chicago.

What kind of subject?  Well, what matters with Sky Full of Bacon is less the newsworthiness of something than the qualities that make it great video.  Seeing an interesting process— whether it’s making prosciutto or tromping around foraging in an urban setting— makes for great video.  But most of all what makes for great video is interesting people.  People who are committed to something to the point of being obsessive, like the indefatigable Oriana is about Asian pears.  If it’s a complex story (how fair are fair trade garbanzo beans?), it should be a print story, probably.  If it’s a fascinating person to hang out with for 15 minutes, that’s a Sky Full of Bacon subject.

It’s not that I don’t have some of these in the pipeline already— I do.  But I figure you, the reader, might know of something too.  If you’re a chef, maybe there’s a supplier who’s an interesting, deeply committed character.  Or whatever.  As past podcasts suggest, if you’re doing something interesting, invite me along and cool video may come of it.

If you have an idea, email me at mikegebert at gmail dot com.

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