Sky Full of Bacon

Department of Teasing the Audience

The La Quercia podcast would be done except for one more interview which has involved chasing a famous chef around the world like Inspector Fix chasing Phileas Fogg.  (Oh yeah, right, there’s something called the Restaurant Show going on right now.  Sure there is.)  Remember that this was the one that I did before the fish one I’d originally planned to do next… because it would be easier to finish up quickly.  Har har, it is to laugh.

Anyway, the La Quercia podcast will positively drip with lascivious prosciutto porn when you finally get to see it, hopefully next week, and not only is it awe-inspiringly porky in its own right, but your patience in waiting for the next one (and I know it’s practically all you could think about, day and night) will be rewarded with a special bonus Bacon Bit… in an entirely different medium than video.  So see you after the holiday weekend with all of that, I hope.

In the meantime, here’s some cool news: I upgraded my Vimeo service to their new Vimeo Plus, which means that true HD videos can be embedded right here and viewed from (Before, the ones here were of somewhat lower quality, though still way better than blurry YouTube.) This applies retroactively to all the past podcasts as well; I’ve also made them bigger here to maximize your total viewing experience (though to see them in their fullest, hugest glory, you need to download the entire Quicktime file, which you can do at the Vimeo page; you have to register at Vimeo, and then you’ll see Download at the lower right of the page. The iTunes version is also the full-res file.)

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