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The Cheeseburger Show: Behind the Mayo

So Kevin Pang emailed me to say that I had it all wrong about suspecting bureaucratic sloth in The Cheeseburger Show’s long gestation.

The real reason, he says, is that he was so coked up he didn’t even realize he had a TV show until he read it at Menu Pages.

No, wait, that was why there wasn’t a new Guns N Roses album for 17 years. The real reason, Kevin (who only gets high on well-seared ground beef) says, is simply that they’ve been working on it all along like they should be, getting a sponsor, getting a promotional push together, getting feedback from local food media savants (which confirms that we are, as long suspected, chopped liver) and that just because the first iteration went up on Vimeo in January, doesn’t mean it wasn’t tweaked and refined and made into the fabulous thing it is today while Vimeo continued to show the original upload date of that first crude version, edited with flint spears and bison fat.

Oh, and the site, allowing comments, will be up shortly, he swears.

We’re still all for the internet virtues of doing stuff fast and failing in public (“That’s obvious,” a voice shouts from the back row), but the process Kevin describes does not meet our previous definition of corporate sloth in the face of internet-based innovation, which believe us, we acquired through actual experience in certain large advertising agencies we prefer to forget the names of.

Here, once again, is episode 2:

The Cheeseburger Show, Ep. 2 from The Cheeseburger Show on Vimeo.

And remember, I’m interested in linking to, embedding, and making unsourced speculation about any food video being done in the Chicago area, so if you make some, let me know! (A certain magazine recently sent me three copies of their magazine to tell me about some awards they gave out, but never once mentioned the video that’s all over their site. That’s what I’d be linking to and talking about, if you told me about it!)

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