Sky Full of Bacon

Izard Meets Meat

Stephanie Izard has a new video about visiting Allen Brothers, which is better than the first two, if like me, you define better as “less clowning around, more actual chef skills and food related content.” It’s an interesting visit… though I have to think there are scarier parts of Allen Brothers they could have shown us. Oh well, I guess she has her niche (cute and perky) and I have mine (blood dripping from eyeless carcasses)….

(By the way, Ms. Izard doesn’t especially need me touting her videos, but others might benefit from the exposure, so consider this a standing invitation to send me any food videos you’ve made that I can embed (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)  I’ll happily consider them for posting.  Email Mikegebert roundthingy gmail dottie commie, or post a comment.)

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