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7 Links of Terror: Mile High Cheese Club Edition

1. Especially good episode of KCRW’s radio show Good Food, with writer Rob Long’s account of life in the socially stratified world of a container ship, and Temple Grandin talking about how animals behave in slaughterhouses (which explained a lot about what I observed while shooting in one), among other things.

2. Stunning high-definition photos of traditional foodmaking in Europe— check out this one on the old way of making Speck (a prosciutto-like pork product), or this one on making cheese 8000 feet up in the Swiss Alps. You could spend hours here, gazing deeply into each photo.
3. Speaking of cheesemaking, here’s a whole blog about Wisconsin artisanal cheesemaking, and a very good one too.
4. Go ahead, say it. There’s an optimism to these 50s and 60s packages that’s missing from today’s soulless packaged goods designs. It’s the obvious comment, and it’s so true. (h/t Dinosaurs and Robots)
5. More Flickr: crashing a wedding in China. Food is involved.
6. Hugh Amano doesn’t post recipes. Believe me, looking at a lot of blogs for something to put here, I’m all for fewer recipes (especially of sweet breads/cakes) and more conceptual writing about cooking… like this piece.
7. There’s going to be an exhibit about one of Chicago’s most fascinating old time restaurants, the Dill Pickle Club, a hangout for bohemians (small b), anarchists, artistes, slumming aristos, and other interesting folks of the 20s.  What Wicker Park dreams of being, it really was.  Here’s a website about the exhibit, though there’s not much there yet.

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