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The best of my best in the Reader’s best

The Reader’s current Best of Chicago issue has five of my blurbs/choices (chosen in consultation with the editor, but I’m happy to back all of them), as well as other food ones by fellows named Hammond, Wiviott, Sula, etc. Here’s my favorite one, just because it amused me so to introduce our loveliest, most artful bakery with this analogy (I think it was a Tim Cahill piece in Outside many years ago). Others here, here, here and here.

Note that somebody is already taking issue with the choice of Uru-Swati as best vegetarian in the comments. While I’m happy to acknowledge that my picking best vegetarian is humorous, let me just say that the vegan dorm food being served up at Handlebar or the bland on bland Chicago Diner are exactly why Uru-Swati is an infinitely superior choice.

P.S. In non-food-related writing news, my review of the old movie convention I went to in May is in the current issue of Classic Images, found at really really complete newsstands. It’ll be here soon, for a short time.

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