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People I Know Who Did Something Worth Knowing About

Mates, acquaintances, etc. who have done something cool this week:

Michael Morowitz was on 848 today talking about The Local Beet, for which I’ve written.

David Hammond (who’s on 848 a lot) has a piece on Albawadi at The Food Chain this week. (True: they actually asked if I wanted to write about it, and I said, sheesh, I wrote about it at Time Out, LTHForum and here, maybe not EVERY opinion about it available online should come from the same guy? So they got Hammond— but of course, I was there at the lunch when he went. Anyway, I’ll be doing one on a place I’ve never been or written about, probably next week.)

And Kenny Z, who was part of the tasting panel in the Mado/headcheese podcast, took 3rd place, the highest prize taken by a non-professional chef in this mac n’ cheese cookoff.

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