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7 Links of Terror: Cheeses in Space Edition

Haven’t done one of these in a while so some of these links are kind of old but still, I think, interesting.

1. I mentioned Kevin’s BBQ Joints the other day when he linked to my old Texas BBQ video, but I really want to call it out further, because barbecue is the food that seems to inspire the most secondary literature, and Kevin is out to link every last bit of it he can find, apparently. Some highlights scrolling down: an interview with John T. Edge picking his favorite BBQ joints (I’ve been to three!), a video from when Smoque first opened, a video about the Texas sensation Snow’s (more or less invented by Texas Monthly), and tons more.

2. Robyn Lee of Serious Eats rages in multiple artistic media against the crappiness of a sandwich. We’ve been there.
3. Michael Nagrant has a really nice piece about a Mexican family who make barbacoa. That’s right, barbacoa, not birria, yes there are other good family Mexican restaurants besides Birrieria Zaragoza.
4. Let private enterprise into space and look what happens: they get silly with cheese in space.
5. Saucisson Mac (who I finally met at Three Floyds) says it all in his title: 2010, The Year in Sausage.
6. Best things from pals at LTHForum in recent weeks: Hammond has an extraterrestrial encounter with cheese, Cathy Lambrecht admires an unknown artist in Dwight, Illinois, and Sharon Bautista had already been to my first suggestions for a new coffee shop, so I found this ringer for her.
7. Cool Korean street vendor making some kind of dessert by spinning honey into thousands of strands by hand (h/t Michael Morowitz):

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