Sky Full of Bacon


I left for a few hours, and the total number of people who had watched the foraging podcast at Vimeo was something like 142.

Came back and the number who’ve been added today is over 1,500 2,000 2,500.  So far. That’s over 100 times the number who watched it the previous day.  (The nice thing, too, is that all the old ones always get some additional viewing as a consequence, too.  It’s great that they’re not dead after a few days, like so much on the web.) UPDATE: And a friend points out that I’m up over 10,000 views total at Vimeo as well.

So big thanks to Boing Boing for producing this hitstorm, and to a blog called Homegrown Evolution for being kind enough to post it where Boing Boing would see it! Also thanks for linkage to Martha Bayne (for whom I’ll be making soup soon), Chicago Metblogs, Planted Paradise, and TakePart. And it’s featured at The Local Beet, too.

Also, my article on Middle Eastern in Bridgeview is indeed in the new Time Out, where it looks fantastic (p. 34), also note that it rates a mention on the cover and a full-page shot of Albawadi serves as the beginning of the food section.  You can read the reviews here that led to me writing it, of Al-Basha (which didn’t make the final article because it’s too far from the others) and Albawadi (which, of course, did).

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