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City Kid Turns Farmhand!

Little do you know what you’re getting into when you go on a chow-expedition. Four years ago, I took my kids to the Lake County Fair, and they fell in love with the idea of doing 4-H projects and getting a ribbon for something you made or grew. Last year, when Myles was old enough at last, he joined the (somewhat adapted to city/suburban living) 4-H program at Wagner Farm in Glenview, and he’s now helping raise a sheep (which we do not have to keep, unlike in real country-living 4-H) and helping on Saturdays around the farm. Here’s a little four-minute video I made showing Myles “doing his chores” on an active day of visitors at Wagner Farm:

My Lamb Triskaidekaphobia from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

Please note: The embedded version is reduced resolution/frame rate. To see it in its full HD glory, go here. (If video isn’t streaming properly, I find it helps to let it start, pause it, then wait for it all to load before playing.)

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