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Summer Recess

Okay, it’s announcement time. Yeah, that’s what you come to a blog for. But if you came here to read this much, you might as well know where I’ll actually be this week:

• I will be guest-blogging this week at Grub Street Chicago, synthesizing and regurgitating Chicago food news while the regular regurgitator, Nick Kindelsperger, is on vacation. So go there and while it won’t be very much like Sky Full of Bacon, I hope it will be interesting all the same. (UPDATE: For the historical record, this links you to my five days of work: M Tu W Th F)

• I’ll be on vacation the two weeks after that, but I have two book reviews ready to go up during those weeks, so come by to check out those, at least.

• There haven’t been as many Sky Full of Bacon videos this year, it’s true. Partly this has been the busy-ness of life— hey, part of the point was to help get me assignments, and once they come, that eats into videomaking time; and that’s not even counting how time-consuming things like the kids getting into baseball get. Nevertheless, I am happy to say that two are in the works, so there will be at least two more during 2010. I haven’t forgotten video, in fact, I’m kinda raring to get back at it… when I get back.

Have a good summer, eat crazy summer food, read Grub Street, see you soon.

UPDATE: I tweeted this last week, might be worth sharing here.

Three things I learned doing Grub Street: 1. People are still paying for astonishingly bad PR pitches.

2. Meanwhile, contacting restaurant, offering coverage that costs them nothing if they’ll just email their menu results in dead silence.

3. There is basically no way to find anything on a newspaper site that you don’t already know exists.

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2 Responses to “Summer Recess”

  1. Steve Golden Says:

    I love your videos. I subscribe in iTunes; I like to watch on my iPod Touch or plug it into a TV and watch it with my wife. Many of the episodes won’t load onto the iPod. I can watch them on the computer but when I try sync them in iTunes to my iPod I get the message:
    “Some of the videos in your iTunes library, including the video “Sky Full of Bacon 15: Big Chef Small Farmer” were not copied to the iPod “Steve” because they cannot be played on this iPod.”

    It doesn’t happen on every episodes but on many. Do you have any suggestions as how to fix this? Any help will be appreciated.

    I teach documentary filmmaking at Columbia College and am planning on showing some of your stuff as good examples if that is OK with you. Of course the easiest way for me to do this would also be to have it on my iPod.

    Steve Golden

  2. Michael Gebert Says:

    Thanks for the compliments. To be honest, I just haven’t fiddled with video on the iPod that much. I think above a certain size it won’t accept the raw file, because a small number of videos would fill an iPod. I know there are some converter programs out there, but I don’t really know which to try. Good luck…

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