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Sky Full of Bacon 03: The Last Brisket Show

Go deep into the smoke-stained barbecue country of central Texas as I talk to two legendary pitmasters in a town that almost has more great BBQ joints than people— Taylor, Texas.

Sky Full of Bacon 03: The Last Brisket Show from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

Taylor, Texas is a small town still just far enough from Austin to feel like the middle of nowhere, rather than a suburb of somewhere. But when it comes to barbecue, Taylor is a big somewhere in its own right— home to three of Texas’ most famous barbecue temples as well as an annual BBQ festival. I visit two of these barbecue meccas and find them incredibly evocative of Texas’ past. A former basketball court turned meat emporium, Louie Mueller’s is the most smoke-stained place I’ve ever seen in my life. While Taylor Cafe, once a rowdy and potentially dangerous cowboy bar, is calmer today, but full of memories as related by 84-year-old owner Vencil Mares. It runs 13 minutes.

Louie Mueller Barbeque
206 W. Second
Taylor, TX

Taylor Cafe
101 N. Main
Taylor, TX

My LTHForum post on visiting Taylor (and other BBQ meccas)
Hill Country BBQ tour by Bill Daley in the Chicago Tribune

Vencil Mares’ recipe for slow-cooked beans
The best guidebook to Texas barbecue joints is this cookbook by Robb Walsh, which is actually more history than cookbook; here’s a new book that will be out in a few days and looks promising.

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(Oh, and why is a Chicago food podcast doing a segment from Texas? Because I’m a Chicago food podcaster, but the podcast is about anything that interests me. And hopefully you, too.)

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6 Responses to “Sky Full of Bacon 03: The Last Brisket Show”

  1. Michael Morowitz Says:

    Great stuff, yet again, Mike. Really well edited. The payoff at the end where you finally see the food was great.

  2. PIGMON Says:

    Thanks for emotionally putting me right back in some of my favorite culinary establishments anywhere. The vibe of these culinary treasures in Taylor is priceless.

    If I recall correctly, I sprayed and slightly injured my lady sitting across the table with Mueller’s glorious sausage juice right in the ol’ eyeball. I didn’t have to take her to the hospital that time, thank goodness. I really need to be more careful when I eat at such incredible places.

    Beautiful pace of shooting; really captures the feeling of both these great BBQ museums.

  3. MikeLM Says:

    Very well done. We hit all three of the famous BBQ’s in Lockhart, TX a few years ago; wish we’d known of Taylor!

    Look for you at the Tailgate Party.

    Mike Meier

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  5. Jonathan Koertge Says:

    Chiming in late but fantastic work, Mike Gorgeous shots, great music and full-sentence interviews! Truly a pleasure to watch.

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