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Sky Full of Bacon 13: Pie As a Lifestyle

Pie is more than just dessert— it conjures up a whole range of emotions and imagery. In this podcast, I explore the iconic American food with a popular Chicago piemaker, Paula Haney of Hoosier Mama.

Sky Full of Bacon 13: Pie As a Lifestyle from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

Chicagoans flock to Paula Haney’s pie shop Hoosier Mama for great pies made the old-fashioned way, with natural and local ingredients and by hand. She’s also helped call attention to the midwest’s heritage with this icon dessert, by reviving 19th and early 20th century pie recipes like Hoosier Sugar Cream pie and using regional specialties such as persimmons. See how the pies get made in a tiny storefront, find out why there’s an entire category of historic pie called “desperation pie,” and pick up some pointers for your own piemaking from the pros in her shop in this Sky Full of Bacon podcast, which runs about 16 minutes.

Here’s Hoosier Mama’s site.

Paula talked more about midwestern pie traditions at a Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance program (where I also spoke).

Here’s Nancie McDermott’s site.


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9 Responses to “Sky Full of Bacon 13: Pie As a Lifestyle”

  1. Carl Galvan Says:

    I’ll be stopping by to grab a pie on the way home. Thanks Mike!

  2. Matthew Says:

    Just watched it. Really interesting. I grew up in the northern suburbs (Bill’s Pub and Pat’s Pizza, the other great Grayslake pizzeria, were staples), but my family is from the “pie lands” of Missouri and Oklahoma, so pie was an integral part of my upbringing. In later years, we would have 6 or 7 pies at our New Years dinner, which would have been overkill if it hadn’t been so awesome. I’ve long been passionate about pie, and Hoosier Mama will definitely be one of my stops this Christmas.

    As an aside on the Hoosier Sugar Cream, I recently moved to Montreal and have immersed myself in the Quebecois culinary heritage (I even convinced Au Pied de Cochon to give me a job cooking, which was an education). There’s a very traditional pie, probably the most traditional dessert here in Quebec, called tarte au sucre, or sugar pie, which is exactly the same thing as the Hoosier Sugar Cream. It’s interesting that two areas of North America can be separated by such a great distance, and yet have an identical recipe. Personally, while I think it’s a delicious pie, I doubt I’d ever order it or make it. Too much sugar for my taste.

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  4. artjackson Says:

    Another example of someone living their dream. Doing one thing and doing it well. Real. Simple.

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