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Sky Full of Bacon 10: Prosciutto di Iowa

Can food as good as Europe’s best come from the midwest? Go inside the Italian-style prosciuttificio of La Quercia in Norwalk, Iowa, and see for yourself.

Sky Full of Bacon 10: Prosciutto di Iowa from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

Here’s an example of a local food from the midwest that’s not just good for a local product, but as good as any of its kind on earth. Since it first hit the market in 2005-6, the prosciutto made by La Quercia has been hailed in rhapsodic terms by top chefs and food writers (as you’ll see and hear from three of Chicago’s top chefs). Herb and Kathy Eckhouse set out to make a truly world-class product—and to do it in accordance with their principles about being environmentally responsible and humane toward the pigs they use. In this Sky Full of Bacon podcast, we tour the prosciuttificio south of Des Moines to see how state-of-the-art technology simulates the traditional Italian way of making prosciutto, and we hear the Eckhouses talk about how they got started, how they’ve built a business in line with their principles, and about getting Iowa farmers to adopt the ancient practice of raising pigs on acorns for the best hams.

Bonus Audio Podcast

I conducted a long and thoughtful interview with the Eckhouses, only a small part of which could fit into the video. So I’ve condensed the highlights of it into a 44-minute audio podcast which goes into greater depth into such issues as starting and marketing an artisanal food business, and how their prosciutto fits into the local food movement. It’s an interesting conversation that expands on much of what’s in the video; you can listen to it below, or go here, or listen to it at iTunes here.

La Quercia’s website is here. I highly, highly recommend the organic prosciutto. It costs more, but it’s worth the extra.

Here’s Jeffrey Steingarten’s December 2006 piece from Vogue, referenced in the video. (You have to register to read the whole thing.)

Here’s a NY Times piece which came out right after I first contacted them— I thought for sure they’d be too busy for me after that, but thankfully not. (You glimpse it on the wall in the video.)

Here’s a piece by, who else, Mike Sula in the Reader a couple of years ago on their guanciale.

Here’s a piece (which was Beard-nominated) on Russ Kremer, one of the two farmers Kathy’s talking about at the end when she says if she had to be a pig, this is where she’d want to be one. (The other is Jude Becker, who is the “Jude” Brian Huston of The Publican refers to offhand in Sky Full of Bacon #5, incidentally. It’s a small world of good, humane pork.)


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14 Responses to “Sky Full of Bacon 10: Prosciutto di Iowa”

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  3. David Hammond Says:

    At various points in this video, I almost felt patriotic about pork. It seems La Quercia is clearly setting itself in competition with European meat (specifically Italian), and I think it’s so cool that they’re acquitting themselves so well. California is usually that state that gives Europe a run for its money (with wine, for instance); it’s excellent that Iowa is now on the frontlines in this effort.

    I’ve been using the term “corporate pork,” but “confinement pork” is much more descriptive and touches on the main problem I have with meat that comes from a feedlot, which is that the animals are unhappy prisoners and so, I think, less likely to yield tasty meat.

    Wonder what they do with all those tasty scraps. Sausage, I suppose?

    Ham Independence Day? I’m all in.

  4. Michael Gebert Says:

    I asked if there was some traditional sausage made from the scraps of prosciutto but no, that stuff just goes in the trash.

    If you really want to be in with the hip kids, it’s CAFO pork. (Confined Animal Feeding Operation. Sounds as humane as it is.) Anyway, one of the things that’s so great is when your subject says in 30 seconds what it took a whole book like Pig Perfect to get across about why confinement operations are such an environmental blight.

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  6. Jon in Albany Says:

    Great video. Really enjoyed it.

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