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Glutton For Media Attention

Here’s the link to the podcast. It’s the last segment, about 10 minutes from the end.

David Hammond, whose audio podcasts on WBEZ’s 848 are one of those things that made me want to do video podcasts (so I wouldn’t be doing the same thing he already did well), has one on gluttony tomorrow this morning.

Naturally, he turned to me for my viewpoint.  You can listen on 848 tomorrow this morning or evening, or I’ll post a podcast link once it’s empodded.

I am also, to my surprise, quoted in this story about Hammond’s Thanksgiving heresies.  And apparently Steve Dahl talked about it on his show, so who knows, I may be quoted there too. (UPDATE: Yes, I just listened to it—and that’s some mighty compelling radio, listening to Dahl read from a suburban paper and make Andy Rooneyesque gibes about how wrongheaded the world is these days—and I am mocked, all too briefly. Hey Steve, I worked with Larry Lujack in about 1989, he says hi.)

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