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In Memoriam Bobby Mueller

I was shocked today to learn that Bobby Mueller, one of the two Texas pitmasters profiled in my current video podcast, died over the weekend at the age of 69.  (Which was a good ten years older than he looked.)  Mueller was happy to let me dog his steps with a camera as he prepared his meats for lunch one morning in July, and though he was the quintessential taciturn Texan, when he answered a question, his answer was always thoughtful and to the point.  I hope my podcast serves as a fitting tribute to one of the great keepers of the BBQ traditions, and I wish his family and his son Wayne, who now takes over, the best in preserving this legendary BBQ temple for a new generation.

If you haven’t seen the podcast, click here.

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2 Responses to “In Memoriam Bobby Mueller”

  1. Wayne Mueller Says:


    On behalf of my family I want to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your efforts and sentiments…I would ask that you contact me at your earliest convenience ([email protected], 713-962-8342) so that I may thank you in person…I love my father and I miss him – your video brings to life the man so many knew and admired…for that I am eternally grateful…

    All my best,
    Wayne Mueller

  2. David Hammond Says:

    Bobby seemed like kind of a one-man-band, though I’m sure his family helped him out and I hope they’re going to carry the torch.

    Those sausages looked incredible, though I wouldn’t kick the brisket off my plate.