Sky Full of Bacon

Bacon’s New ‘Do

Besides the new podcast, you’ll notice that Sky Full of Bacon has a new look!  This time it wasn’t rain at Kinnikinnick Farm but wrestling with WordPress upgrades that held it up, but my friend Wyatt Mitchell has manfully beaten WordPress into submission.  There are still things to adjust over the next few days, secondary pages don’t always work right yet, but I like the general idea of stressing the videos at the top of the main page (soon I’ll get the new video up there, and it will always display the latest), as well as various other features (including, at last, an actual blogroll) that will come in the next few weeks.  Comments and suggestions welcome, hope you enjoy.

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2 Responses to “Bacon’s New ‘Do”

  1. Kenny Z Says:

    Looks cool. One suggestion that applied to the old version too: make the big “Sky Full of Bacon” at the top of the page a link to the home page. I think that’s relatively standard practice, and I suspect I’m not the only one who’s tried to click it to no avail.

  2. Michael Gebert Says:

    Yeah, the template I used before was missing a lot of those niceties. When the secondary pages are up, the masthead on those will link back to the homepage. UPDATE: They’re up and do, indeed, link back to home.