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7 Links of Terror: 1000 Years Ago to the Future Edition

1. I’ll start with things I found by checking out the people who link to me. First, Clever Food Blog has an interesting post on a tasting event featuring only foods with histories and recipes stretching back 1000 years…
2. While Eating Video Games is a blog by a guy who went in (with his brothers) on La Quercia’s Acorn Edition 3. Here he starts telling the story of what he did with the first of his pig parts, mentioning two of my videos along the way (hint: the other one involves a pig’s head). The story continues here.
3. Martha Bayne has a bunch of posts on the Family Farmed Expo last weekend, at the Reader; the most interesting one (to me) is on whole hog cooking, with some tart quotes from Rob Levitt of Mado; she also has some good observations on the panel about shared kitchen licensing, though since the city refused to participate, it doesn’t sound like the discussion itself amounted to much.
4. Paupered Chef goes on an LTH-like Italian sub crawl and identifies two Chicago faves.  At least one is no surprise to me.
5. Something’s been done to these photos of a floating market near Bangkok so they’re unnaturally sharp and colorful, but they’re pretty fascinating all the same.
6. Thanks to Serious Eats, I’ve played Sushi Cat way too much lately. Well, it is one of those so-simple-it’s-brilliant games….
7. Design For Dreaming is a crazily elaborate 50s General Motors promo film from the 1950s; it’s all pretty cool if you like retro stuff, but at least jump to about 3:10 to see the kitchen of the future (and note that that’s where the heroine is taken to recover when the car of the future proves too much for her feminine nerves!)

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3 Responses to “7 Links of Terror: 1000 Years Ago to the Future Edition”

  1. Michael Morowitz Says:

    I want one of those big spinning glass-dome stove tops.

  2. Eugenio Says:

    Imagine my surprise to see my little blog on the 7 links of Terror! I have enjoyed the Sky Full of Bacon videos and blog for some time now. And I think I actually came upon it from a facebook link from La Quercia. Thanks for checking out my site, and I will let you know how it goes with the rest of the Acorn Edition!

  3. Jason Says:

    Mike, thanks for checking out and linking to my blog! We’re already working on some new, exciting “1000 year old food” events.