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Sky Full of Bacon Eats Poison Clafouti, and: Check Out New Videos Page!

This week’s Key Ingredient is apparently not poisonous in the quantities we ingested. So far.

Meanwhile, check out some improvements made to the blog here. The sidebar at right now has several new features including recent comments and tweets. But the coolest of all is the new Videos screening room, which gives you immediate access to all past Sky Full of Bacon podcasts, which will launch and play instantly in full glorious big-screen high definition. Check it out here.

All these changes were done cheerfully and very quickly by Artur Bobinski at Kenton Wen Design, and I happily recommend his services for building or tuning up WordPress blogs or other such projects. We did it entirely via email and I enjoyed excellent service and prompt turnaround for a very reasonable fee.

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2 Responses to “Sky Full of Bacon Eats Poison Clafouti, and: Check Out New Videos Page!”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Apricot kernels are eaten widely in many parts of the Levant. The key, as I understand it, is to cook them well.

  2. Michael Gebert Says:

    Actually Abra Berens, who picked them as an ingredient, said she first came across them in Yemen and they were common there. She told Sandra Holl to look for them in middle-eastern stores here, but she had no luck and had to mail order.

    There’s always interesting stuff like that I can’t easily use in a 5-minute video…

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