Sky Full of Bacon

Sky Full of Bacon Grows Its Own

I really like that last week’s chef, Marianne Sundquist, picked a chef who’s not a name— she’s a farmer in the summer and a line cook at Vie in the winter, Abra Berens. As a result, she has her own viewpoint on ingredients, not to mention uses ones she grew herself, in this week’s video. Read the piece (which covers a lot of what she talked about that I didn’t) here.

P.S. By the way, I made her asparagus-radish-pea shoot salad the other day— I even used Klug asparagus like she did, since I had just been to the Green City Market. It was really good, and everyone was interested to see that yes, you can eat raw asparagus:

P.P.S. And watch an outtake here.

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3 Responses to “Sky Full of Bacon Grows Its Own”

  1. Steven Davis Says:

    I really like the use of the tea as a finishing salt vs a sauce. Did the flavor come through in the end? Love the granita finish. The dish looked so amazing.

  2. Michael Gebert Says:

    The salt would need further work. You definitely get a floral note to it, but salt is salt and it dominates. I’m not sure how you dial up the tea flavor (except maybe to also sprinkle some real tea on it).

    The granita was a great idea and it came through really well, although maybe adding a bit too much saltiness too in its present formulation. But just the feel of the ice with the fish was terrific.

    And I actually made the salad the other night, since all that stuff is in season right now. It was really good too.

    There’s a little outtake from this shoot that should go up at the Reader today, so watch for that.

  3. Michael Morowitz Says:

    I wound up making the salad last night. I came across all three ingredients pretty quickly as soon as I arrived at the Evanston Farmers Market yesterday. Beautiful, tender pea shoots from Green Acres really made it work. The salad was a big hit and I can definitely see it working as a side dish to sashimi.

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