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Sky Full of Bacon Presents A Gender-Based Theory of Sorghum

Mindy Segal makes stuff with sorghum syrup in the new Key Ingredient, and as Julia says in the print piece, this could be the first one to actually go on the menu… at least it was on there last week and probably still is.

In other news… I’m quoted on the weighty issue of whether the Paris Club stinks (literally) here. And hey… what’s that smell?

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3 Responses to “Sky Full of Bacon Presents A Gender-Based Theory of Sorghum”

  1. Matthew Says:

    That was an odd description of sorghum. I feel weird doing this, since food evangelists usually annoy me, but sorghum syrup occupies a special place in my heart, so forgive me. It’s a grain, but the syrup is extracted by crushing the stalks of the sorghum plant and then boiling the juice down (like making sugar from cane). Unlike, say, maple sap, the juice is quite sweet straight from the plant, and I’ve actually had the pleasure of sucking on a piece of the stalk (it tastes like a thin and mild sorghum syrup). In the great pantheon of syrups, I put sorghum just below maple syrup and well above molasses of any kind. Although sometimes referred to as sorghum molasses, common molasses is made from sugar cane and contains no sorghum. I love it on whole wheat pancakes, where the flavor of the whole wheat would cover up the delicateness of maple syrup, the brightness of sorghum acts as a wonderful counterpoint.

  2. Michael Gebert Says:

    Oh hell, I accidentally wiped out my comment which said that I knew the description wasn’t strictly right, but you go with the video you have and anyway, the dessert is great, and Matthew’s reply:

    “Just goes to show you that understanding every aspect of food isn’t important. I’d love to try it. Maybe some day… Tangentially, sorghum beer is really common in Africa, and also in gluten-free circles.”

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