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Sky Full of Bacon Presents Roly Poly Fish Eyeballs

In what I can comfortably say is the grossest Key Ingredient yet, Cary Taylor of The Southern uses fish eyeballs in a recipe for an oyster stew, and demonstrates a few finer points of butchering your own fish.

Cary had a lot of interesting things to say, not all of which could go into the video, so be sure to read the article which fills in a lot of details as well. (See, there are two parts to these, made by two different people in collaboration. Freaky, I know. Anyway, if you’re wondering WTF this recurring part of these announcements is about, and you won’t be the first by any means, email me for details.)

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4 Responses to “Sky Full of Bacon Presents Roly Poly Fish Eyeballs”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I love sorghum syrup.

    That was a really interesting technique, but mostly that was a disgusting installment. I need to eat at the Southern now. Maybe this weekend for my birthday.

  2. Michael Gebert Says:

    Or go eat at Hot Chocolate and you can order what Mindy Segal made with sorghum syrup (email me for details if you actually need them, I don’t want to give it away in public).

  3. David Hammond Says:

    I’ve eaten eyeball tacos, so I’ve had more than my share of ocular entrees, but when he was squeezing the eyes into the pan, I had to turn away. Gruesome. Would I eat that dish? Probably.

  4. Michael Gebert Says:

    As nasty-looking as the black goo is, the dish tasted mostly like seafood and coconut milk. I looked at the eyeball as just another source of gelatin in a dish, no grosser than a foot (admittedly, not something fish have).

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