Sky Full of Bacon

Sky Full of Bacon Presents Pond Scum

Paul Virant and a nutritional supplement from the 80s star in the Reader’s latest Key Ingredient; read the piece here.

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5 Responses to “Sky Full of Bacon Presents Pond Scum”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Do you two get to try the dishes?

  2. Michael Gebert Says:

    Yes, we always do. Here’s the report so far:

    Alinea Kluwak Kupas: like a fermented chocolate, very nice, nothing strange
    Avenues Black Beans: very faint black bean taste (that’s why I asked him if he thought he’d merely hidden it), beautiful dessert overall
    Inovasi Geraniums: nice preparation overall, but winter dry cleaner geraniums didn’t contribute much flavor. Geranium pesto in spring or summer would surely be better.
    Foss Freeze-Dried Saffron: very clean, almost metallic saffron cutting through everything
    Blackbird Bull Balls: nice preparation but the meat is very chewy. Nobody liked that, though he certainly made it palatable.
    Vie Spirulina: the lemon and the smoking of the sturgeon really worked to make the nori-like taste of the spirulina seem natural, not muddy. Amazingly good, really.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Wow, I’m surprised by the report on Vie. Watching it, my fiancee and I were both slightly disgusted, and I’m not one to be turned off by appearances.

  4. Michael Gebert Says:

    Yeah, that black exterior is pretty offputting, but… Virant is the man!

  5. Brian Ziegler Says:

    I’d love to check out Vie, who had their food at the Food and Wine event at MCA in December and it was one of my favorites out of all those exhibited (and it was a well-represented event). I had to ask (somewhat sheepishly) where Western Springs was when I met Paul Vivant, but I’d love to make the journey. When I googled it just now, I was pleasantly surprised to see it’s right by a Metra stop!

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