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Can’t Think of a Name!

For the first time I’m stumped for a catchy name for my next podcast.  It’s about Oriana Kruszewski, the Asian pear lady at Green City Market, one of those bundle-of-energy people who loves telling you about what she grows even more than selling it.  So anybody have an idea for a name, in the same not-too-punny but interestingly allusive vein as The Last Brisket Show or There Will Be Pork or Duck School?  (Doesn’t have to be a movie reference…)  If I use yours, I’ll come up with some kind of appropriate prize.  If you want to know more about Oriana, read Mike Sula’s piece from a couple of years ago.

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7 Responses to “Can’t Think of a Name!”

  1. VI Says:

    I think Meet the Papple Lady is pretty good.

  2. art Says:

    How about,

    Bananas on the Prairie

  3. art Says:


    Banana Prairie

  4. Jon in Albany Says:

    It’s a pun, but how about:

    A Pear of Aces

  5. Michael Morowitz Says:

    I can’t help the movie reference:

    A Pear to Remember
    My Pear Lady

  6. art Says:

    hmmm…after reading previous pieces on Oriana I don’t see anything on paw paws. That’s what I know her for. I talked to her for about an hour one day all about paw paws–prairie bananas. She told me how someone from the Paw Paw festival down south phoned her to see if she could send any because they had a shortage.

  7. Michael Gebert Says:

    Well, you’ll see something on paw paws in the podcast when it comes up. Not a lot, but a decent segment.